Personal Cybersecurity Challenge - Learn How To Protect Your Data & Finances

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Personal Cybersecurity Challenge - Learn How To Protect Your Data & Finances

Michael @TrillTayo
8 ratings

❌ Stop worrying about cyber threats and getting hacked.
✅ Start protecting your personal information and finances.

DISCOVER the most dominant cyber threats out there and how they plan to hack you.

PROTECT your personal information, mobile devices, social media, and finances.

REVEAL the defensive best practices that the bad guys don’t want you to know!

What is the #14DayOnlineCyberSecurityChallenge ?

This ebook is the ULTIMATE reference for DEFENDING yourself against various types of CYBER THREATS.

After reading this ebook, you’ll be equipped with the battleground brains, security knowledge, survival tactics, and tools you need to smartly evaluate the security threats in your environment and most proactively secure yourself from attacks within two weeks.

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Coming from a certified cyber security engineer and startup founder in his 20s, who went from no experience to full-time senior engineer in just 3 years - sharing all the tips on how to implement cybersecurity in your everyday lives!

You will learn online security fundamentals, different ways in protecting your online identity, how to secure data on a mobile device, and gain access to free cybersecurity tools/resources - so that you can start protecting yourself and your online brand or business right away.

Are you ready for the #14DayOnlineCyberSecurityChallenge ?

What you'll learn in the 14-Day Online Security Challenge? ↓↓

You will cover the following topics:

✅ Discover how mobile device security works and what it can protect you from

✅ How to secure your social media accounts and lock down your privacy settings

✅ Understand various phishing techniques and how to manage your passwords

✅ Identify the critical technological methods in place to detect credit card fraud

✅ Reveal how newer forms of biometric authentication affect you and your data

✅ Develop a way to store and manage the security of your passwords

Is this eBook for you? (Hint: Yes, it is!)

#14DayOnlineCyberSecurityChallenge is especially for:

  • The everyday cell phone user is familiar with social media and wary of cybercrime.
  • People who want to understand the technology behind both cyber attacks and defense, but do not necessarily want to become security professionals tomorrow.
  • Individuals who are looking to embrace personal practices for their own safety and the protection of both personal and corporate systems/information.

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  • Additional in-depth analysis and review
  • Recommendations from experienced practitioners and cyber defenders


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  • Security and Privacy Tools (+20 BONUS Resources)
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Is there a print version of the book?
Not yet. The plan is to release the digital version to you first and then work towards putting this book on Amazon.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?
Yes - I will refund customers in full for the product that they purchased and were dissatisfied with.

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